Fleet Wraps

Fleet Wrap Services in Charlotte, NC

Fleet wraps are an extremely efficient and cost-effect method of advertising your business. By applying a fleet wrap to your vehicle you’re able to advertise on the go. A fleet wrap will help to build your business by acting a cost-friendly mobile billboard to everyone that’s able to see your vehicle. 

We provide a comprehensive service to add lettering and fleet wrap graphics to brand your company vehicles. This helps to build your brand and grow your business by making you stand out from the crowd and your competitors. 

Professional Fleet Vehicle Wraps 

The power of fleet wrapping your vehicle can help you to get the attention of every driver and pedestrian that notices the unique branding on your vehicle. We’re even able to apply your design directly onto windows by using perforated film, allowing your passengers to see out of the windows but outsiders can’t view in. 

We can fleet wrap trucks, vans, cars and other vehicles with enough space to create a coherent, sizeable wrap on the side. Don’t believe us? Well, 98% of in-car audiences admitted to noticing ads on the side of trucks. Furthermore, 30% of mobile outdoor viewers base their buying decisions on adverts that they see while outside. 

The Best Fleet Wrap Service in Charlotte, NC

We at Pristine Wraps want to help your company get the advertising that it needs to take it to the next level. Our efficient and cost-effective method of applying fleet wraps to your vehicle can help you achieve your marketing goals and draw in new leads, getting you one step closer to achieving your bottom line. 
Take advantage of a solid marketing opportunity and get in touch with us. We’ll be able to help you turn your vehicle into a mobile marketing advert, reeling in more business and boosting your profits.