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Window Tinting

Window Tinting Service IN Charlotte, NC

Window tinting is done by applying a thin laminate film over the interior or exterior of the glass pane. Whether you want it to be pitch black or dark grey, you’re able to choose your preference of shade when getting your windows tinted by Pristine Wraps. 

We offer a choice of automobile tinting services in various shades, alongside marine tinting to keep your boat cool inside. Our automobile tinting is designed to give you and your passengers peace of mind when traveling in your vehicle. 

The Best Window Tinting in Charlotte, NC

At Pristine Wraps, your privacy and security are of the utmost importance to us. By having your windows tinted, it will prohibit any outsider from looking into your vehicle to give you and your valuables additional security from anybody trying to peek in from the outside. 

Window tinting isn’t just for privacy, it provides additional benefits. The protection that window tinting provides can help to block out up to 99 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. UV rays can be detrimental to a person’s health by speeding up the aging of the skin and may cause skin cancer.

Purchasing and maintaining a vehicle can be expensive, that’s we’re committed to keeping your car looking more lush, for longer. Window tinting can help to keep your vehicle cooler and protect your upholstery to prevent it from getting discolored and faded. 

Take a look at our window tinting services and contact us today to find out how we can help to secure your privacy and help you to keep your vehicle looking newer, for longer.