Vehicle Wraps FAQs

Welcome to Pristine’s Vehicle Wraps FAQ page, where we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of answers to your most pressing questions about vehicle wraps.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to enhance your brand’s visibility or an individual seeking a unique way to personalize your ride, vehicle wraps offer a dynamic and attention-grabbing solution.

Explore the world of vehicle wraps with us and gain insights into how this versatile form of advertising and expression can transform your vehicles into eye-catching masterpieces.

A vehicle wrap is a vinyl film that is applied to your car’s exterior. It helps protect your car’s original paint and gives it a stunning upgrade. Vinyl vehicle wraps come in various finishes including matte, gloss, chrome, satin, metallic, or color flip. They can accommodate the type of design you envision and even provide commercial design solutions. Compared to paint jobs, vinyl wraps last for up to a decade.
Car wraps come in a variety of textures and finishes. We offer a comprehensive menu of finishes including matte, gloss, satin, chrome, metallic, color flip, and more. Our menu accommodates a variety of budgets and offers premium car wrap brands such as 2M, Avery, Oracle, and more. We also offer commercial car wrap solutions and vinyl wraps with custom designs of your choice.
Several factors determine the cost of a car wrap. Some of them include the type of wrap, the size of the vinyl sheet, and the texture of the wrap. If you have any specific design in mind, call one of our experts at 704.910.5833 for a quick quote!
Car wrap. Without a doubt. A paint job often costs more than a vinyl wrap to cover the same area. As for durability, car wraps don’t chip or peel like paint jobs. They don’t fade in the sun or damage your car’s original paint.
This depends on three factors: vehicle size, type, and the complexity of the vinyl wrap. Generally speaking, a car wrap application takes between 1-2 days. If you’re wrapping a whole fleet, the process could take a little longer.
Before applying the vinyl sheet, we take precise measurements of your car. We pay extreme attention to detail to ensure your car wrap aligns perfectly with your car’s body type.
Absolutely not. In fact, a car wrap will act as a layer of protection for your car’s original paint. What’s more, vinyl is easy to remove and leaves no damage whatsoever when it is taken off.
Absolutely! Whether you want to incorporate racing strips or a camo hood – Pristine Wraps Co. offers both partial and full vinyl wrapping solutions. Our process involves designing and printing the graphics, cutting vinyl layers (from funky designs to commercial logos), and applying it flawlessly in the areas you prefer.
Of course not! Despite their durability, some unforeseen events (think minor accidents) may damage a small area of your car wrap. When that happens, don’t worry! Our partial wrap services will cover the damaged portion impeccably and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference!
For your car wrap installation to go flawlessly, make sure you wash your car before bringing it to our garage. This will ensure the wrap blends seamlessly with your car’s exterior.
Not at all. Vinyl wraps are easily removable and don’t hurt the original paint in any way. In fact, wrapping your car may even play a role in increasing its resale value.
The life of your car wrap will depend on the materials used and the installation process. Generally speaking, a car wrap will last between 5-7 years. But when you get your vehicle wrapped at Pristine Wraps Co. and take good care of it, you can expect it to last for a decade. In most cases, our car wraps have outlived the cars themselves!
By all means! A car wrap can be easily installed and removed. Unlike paint jobs, it doesn’t void warranties. In addition, most lease agreements stay valid with car wraps.
Vinyl wraps are often easy to care for. Since vinyl is non-porous in nature, dirt, and debris fail to settle on your car. Once your car is gorgeously wrapped, make sure you stick to handwashing. Try to avoid powder washing, scarper use, or pressure washing. These could damage the vinyl. Your car’s windows can be softly brushed when necessary.
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