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Architectural Tints – Solar Window Films

Architectural Tinting Services Charlotte, NC

Nothing beats an early morning sunrise coming through the windows of your home and office. However, at times, the sun causes the room to grow in temperature, and the need to control the heat is a necessity. Pristine Wraps has your answer – solar window films. These are the perfect solutions to the scorching properties of the sun in your home and office.

Improve Your Comfort Indoors With Solar Window Film

Solar window films increase your comfort indoors while protecting priceless artwork, furniture, etc. from the harmful effects of sun rays. In fact, solar window films turn away the brash Ultra-Violet rays considerably, reducing the heat & glare. This protection from extreme sun exposure also protects hardwood floors from damage. During the winter, Solar films substantially increase heat retention, therefore, reducing your energy costs. Modern solar window films allow you to enjoy the fullness and experience the view of nature through your windows.

Reduce glare and Protect Your Possessions from UV Light

A more common problem caused by the sun is its glare. The glare makes working on a computer, in a home and/or office space, particularly difficult, largely reducing productivity. Over time, UV light can deface and partially destroy furnishings, artwork, and photos hanging on the walls or in close proximity to a window opening. Solar window films can largely be attributed to protecting your prized possessions and reducing the fading effect. Ceramic and metallic window films usually cost 50-100+ percent more than regular window films but can reduce energy transmission by as much as 80 percent. Ceramic window films cost slightly more but provide a substantial increase by reflecting and absorbing infrared radiation (radiant heat).

Growing Global Popularity of Solar Films

It is proven that our window film has allowed suppliers to achieve technological advancements such as the advent of bio-based polyester films, which is expected to fuel market growth. The rapid expansion of the automotive sector in China, Japan, and Argentina is expected to trigger even larger consumption of tinting films over the forecast period.

Solar Window Film Benefits

  • Heat protection; reducing solar heat gain
  • Protection against harmful UV rays; reduce the risk of skin cancer & skin damage
  • Sunlight & glare protection; clarity while driving
  • Improved vehicle aesthetics; interior holding color & value for longer, exterior appearance
  • Reduced winter heat loss to maintain a sustainable & comfortable environment.

Install High-Quality Solar Window Film with Pristine Wraps Co.

Enjoy the comfort of your home and office with a solar window panel from Pristine Wraps Co. Call (704) 910-5833 for your free estimate!