Window Tinting

Window Tinting Services in Charlotte, NC

Imagine the sun beating down directly through your windshield on a warm summer day. As the sun blazes throughout your vehicle, the rise in temperature warrants the need to keep the heat under control. Pristine Wraps have the perfect answer – window tints. Ceramic window tint is the ideal solution to eliminate the scorching properties of the sun in your vehicle.

The Best Window Tinting for Privacy and Security in Charlotte

A ceramic window tint increases your comfort while protecting your interior from the harmful effects of sun rays. In fact, ceramic window tints turn away the brash Ultra-Violet rays considerably, reducing the heat & glare. During the winter, solar films substantially increase heat retention, therefore, reducing your energy costs.

Window Tint Benefits – A Solution to Excessive Sun Exposure

Heat protection; reducing solar heat gain

Sunlight & glare protection; clarity while driving

Protection against harmful UV rays; reduce the risk of skin cancer & skin damage

Improved vehicle aesthetics; interior holding color & value for longer, exterior appearance

Reduced winter heat loss to maintain a sustainable & comfortable environment.

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