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Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coating Services in Charlotte, NC

Coats aren’t just for the winter – protect your car year-round with Ceramic Coating from Pristine Wraps. Routine cleaning and details with new coat applications may seem to be temporary enhancements however, deeply rooted stains, grime and marks make it even more difficult to wash away. Preserve your vehicle to look as good as the day you purchased it right off the lot.

Our methods of operation and reliable installation techniques differentiate us from our competition. We pride ourselves on being a trusted guide to our clients and go to great lengths to dispel the narrative. Pristine Wrap Co’s talented team of detailers will surpass expectations by perfecting every small detail.

What is a Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to a vehicle’s exterior. After application, the coating creates a permanent or semi-permanent bond with the vehicle’s factory paint and therefore, adds an extra layer of protection.

Traditional Car Wax v.s. Ceramic Coating

How does ceramic coating compare to traditional waxes and/or sealants? Unlike standard detailing services, ceramic coating does not wash away, break down, or require repeated application every few months.

Ceramic Coating Benefits

  • Extended cleaning period
  • Hassle-free washing
  • Protection from chemical etching and UV damage
  • Enhanced vehicle appearance
  • Long-term solutions lasting for up to 7 years

While it certainly is not a substitute for Paint Protection Film, both have extreme benefits that we are more than happy to walk through with you at Pristine Wraps Co.