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Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Charlotte, NC


Paint Protection Film (PPF) is simply put, a long-term invisible shield over your vehicle to protect its factory paint from unwanted cracks and stains due to flying debris. Rocks and road debris are a threat to the pristine appearance of your vehicle. The transparent, flexible urethane film will absorb and neutralize damage so your vehicle’s factory paint remains in mint condition.

How Paint Protection Film Protects Your Investment

  • Paint Protection Film is a self-healing film
  • Preserves your vehicle's resale value
  • Protects your car without altering its appearance
  • Retains a shiny look for your vehicle
  • Allows for easier, more efficient cleaning procedures

Methods to Increase the Longevity of Paint Protection Film

  • Avoid washing car in direct sunlight
  • Regularly wash vehicle with a premium car wash liquid and clean water
  • Stay away from automated washing stations
  • Never apply brushes on areas containing film

Take good care of your paint protection film, and it will treat you well. With proper care, you'll be covered for five to ten years.

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