Paint Protection

Paint Protection Services in Charlotte, NC

When purchasing a new vehicle, you want it to look as slick as possible, at all times. Whether you’re cruising down the street or it’s parked outside of your favorite coffee spot, keeping your car looking in tip-top condition is important. 

To keep your car looking pristine and to safeguard it against the forces of nature, you’re going to need a little protection. Automotive Paint Protection Film or “Clear Bra” as it’s often referred to is designed to protect your vehicle against the deterioration of its appearance. 

Protect Your Car With Paint Protection 

Clear bra paint protection film or PPF, as it’s known for short will keep your car looking better for longer. As the most comprehensive form defense for your car, it fights to protect your car from any damage to its appearance. The vinyl protection film has an ability to resist against high-impact objects, meaning it will protect your vehicle from road debris and rocks that will chip and scratch the paint. 

PPF is created from urethane film, which provides high levels of protection from corrosion and acidic contaminants, saving your vehicle from etching, chemical stains, bug splatter, mineral deposits and even acid rain. Worried about UV rays? Well, paint protection film will safeguard your vehicle from sun exposure, ensuring the longevity of the paintwork, keeping it more vibrant for longer. 

Charlotte's Most Trusted Paint Protection Services 

A car paint protection wrap isn’t designed to make your car bulletproof but it does have many benefits to keep the paintwork looking spick and span, for a long period of time. Get in touch with Pristine Wraps. and we’ll help to keep your car looking immaculate, the colors vibrant and the damage to a minimum.