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Who doesn’t love an Audi? Sure, some Audi models may be more popular than others. But should that stop a car from getting the best customizable car wrap available? At Pristine Wraps Co., we give a new personality to most Audi models including the RS 5 Coupe, SQ8 Sportback e-tron, RS e-tron GT, and more.

The innovation of vinyl wraps for cars continues to grow. From metallic to chrome to satin to matte and everything in between, there are endless styles, colors, and options to, quite literally, wrap your Audi in awesomeness.

What Is a Car Wrap, Exactly?

As the name suggests, car wrapping is the art of covering a car – either fully or partially – by using a vinyl wrap or film. People have their cars wrapped for a variety of reasons. Aside from lending your car dashing good looks and high protection, car wrap helps you “transform” the way your car looks without having to break the bank for a full car spray.

You can deploy vinyl wrapping to either breathe new color into your car, change its style, or add a new texture. With countless vinyl choices at your disposal, car wrapping today has become more popular than ever. At Pristine Wraps Co., you’ll find endless new styles (chrome, matte, gloss, satin – you name it!) and designs that are impossible for a traditional spray to replicate – especially when it comes to quality and affordability.

Types Of Audi Car Wraps We Offer

The four main types of Audi wraps include:

Clear Vinyl Audi Wrap:

Mainly adds a transparent layer of protection to shield your Audi’s paintwork.

Color Car Wrap:

Deploys a large vinyl film to change the color of your car. Here, you can also choose the color flip option that helps display different colors from different angles.

Custom Car Wrap:

Is when you get your customized patterns or designs wrapped around your car. Most people use this option for their commercial fleets for advertising purposes. However, if you can think of a design that reflects your personality, you can easily have it transferred to your car.

Textured Vinyl Audi Wrap:

Such as gloss or matte, help breathe a new finish into your car’s paintwork. They could either be clear or come in opaque colors.

Why Should You Get a Car Wrap for Your Audi?

The goal of car wrapping goes beyond that adding a fancy touch to your car. Let’s look at the benefits a quality vinyl car brings for your Audi:

Stunning Upgrade:

Call it a total or a partial makeover, a car wrap is the easiest possible way to elevate the look of your Audi. Car wrapping professionals go into extensive planning to ensure the vinyl wraps flawlessly around your Audi. Unlike paint jobs, car wraps offer endless options to customize the look of your car.

Paint Protection:

Your gorgeous Audi needs to be protected from dents, rust, debris, sun damage, and gravel. When well taken care of, car wrapping can keep your Audi looking gorgeous for over 7 years!

Monetary Savings:

Unlike expensive paint jobs, car wrapping doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Easy Maintenance:

A car wrap makes it ultra-easy to clean and maintain your car. All you need to clean your Audi post car wrap is to hand wash it once a week.

Quick Process:

In most cases, 3 days are all it takes to get your car wrapped beautifully. This timeline, however, can vary based on your needs and the Audi model.

Elevate the Look of Your Audi with Pristine Wraps

When you decide to invest in an Audi wrap, it is critical to get it artfully performed by the right maestros. You want the wrap to become the “external skin” that fits your Audi flawlessly. But you also want to ensure the vinyl wrap itself is high-quality, affordable, and ultra-durable. At Pristine Wraps Co., we offer you exactly that.

Whether you want to give your car that extra bit of protection, infuse it with a bold metallic personality, or go all out with your creativity – we can give your Audi the makeover it needs. You can choose from a variety of vinyl wraps including Oracal, Avery, 3M, and other major brands.

Work With Pristine Wraps

We offer a menu of pricing options to accommodate your requirements and budget. Our licensed car wrapping wizards ensure your Audi looks are exquisite and flawless. Our service doesn’t come to a halt when your Audi exits our garage. We offer round-the-clock after-service care to ensure you face no road bumps with your Audi wrap. Give us a call today and get a free quote on your car wrap.