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Pristine Wraps Co. brings the power of exceptional service, quality care, and extreme attention to detail to ensure your Bentley receives the highest quality car wrap. We are our clients’ first choice in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Whether you want to give your Bentley Azure a unique makeover or keep the original paint of your Bentley Bentayga EWB protected, Pristine Wraps Co. can accommodate both your needs and your budget.

What Is a Bentley Car Wrap?

Car wrapping is the art of wrapping a car with large films of vinyl. Our experts at Pristine Wraps Co. transform these vinyl sheets into your car’s external skin. Unlike paint jobs, a vinyl wrap doesn’t chip or fade for years.

Bentley owners love the idea of car wraps for several reasons, including vinyl wrap’s ability to give their car a stunning upgrade, high protection, and extreme durability. From custom finishes like chrome, satin, matte, or gloss, to color flips and everything in between, we offer a diverse menu of colors, finishes, and designs.

Custom Bentley Wraps

Some of our custom Bentley wrap options include:

Color Flip Bentley Wrap:

The color flip vinyl wrap gives your Bentley a range of subtle hues. When viewed from different angles, this wrap shows off different colors.

Paint Protection Film (PPF):

This Bentley wrap is perfect for keeping your car’s original paint protected. PPF vinyl wrap keeps your Bentley shielded from dust, gravel, minor dents, and other pollutants.

Custom designs:

With our custom Bentley wraps, you can channel your inner creativity and extend your own personality to your car. Whatever design you come up with, we can make it a reality.

Textured Bentley Wrap:

These include matte, gloss, satin, chrome, and metallic textures.

Why Get a Car Wrap for Your Bentley?

The benefits of a Bentley car wrap include:

A brand-new makeover:

Whether you want your car’s exterior to complement its interior or simply want your Bentley to stand out – a car wrap can give it a whole new look (and personality!).

An added layer of protection:

Through our PPF car wrap, you can keep your Bentley’s exterior “pristine” for up to a decade.

Extreme Durability:

The reason car owners love vinyl wraps is because of their high durability. Unlike paint jobs, vinyl wraps don’t chip or fade away. When well taken care of, their life expectancy can even increase to 10 years.

Effortless maintenance:

Unlike paint jobs, vehicle wraps don’t chip or wear off easily. Due to vinyl film’s non-porous nature, no pollutants can ever damage your car’s exterior.

High resale value:

Vinyl keeps your car’s original paint in pristine condition. This ensures your vehicle enjoys high resale value when you decide to sell it.


Bentley Wrap FAQs

Absolutely. A vehicle wrap can fit your Bentley like a glove. Once our service is complete, your Bentley’s vinyl wrap becomes its outer skin. Unlike paint jobs, a car wrap doesn’t wear off or chip in inconvenient places. A well-maintained car wrap can last up to a decade! Finally, a car wrap is super-easy to take off and doesn’t damage the car’s original paint in the process.

No. If, due to extreme impact (such as an accident), a section of your vinyl wrap gets damaged, you can simply have our professionals take a look at it. Their expertise will help patch that area up – making it blend seamlessly with the overall wrap – in no time!

A Bentley wrap is easy to maintain. It doesn’t absorb pollutants due to its non-porous nature. The best ways to clean it include hand washing and professional detailing. We recommend you avoid exposing it to drive-through washes to maximize its lifespan.

Why Team Up with Pristine Wraps Co.?

Right from its inception, Pristine Wraps Co. has exceeded expectations in offering high-quality services to clients across Charlotte. We blend premium products with exceptional service to ensure your Bentley receives the pristine look it deserves. Our services, in a nutshell, include:


While our base rate starts at $3,000, our detailed menu offers plenty of options that can fit both your needs and your budget.


We use only the highest-quality vinyl material to wrap your Bentley up. Some of the premium brands we deploy include 3M, Avery, and Oracle. Our licensed and trained professionals service your car flawlessly, giving it a pristine look. Our Bentley wrap varieties include high-quality finishes (Matte, Satin, Gloss, Chrome, Metallic), Color Flip, Paint Protection Film, Stealth PPF, and more.

Post-Service Care.

Our services don’t hit a break once your Bentley exits our garage. We’re at your disposal round-the-clock to ensure your car receives top-notch care.

Work With Pristine Wraps

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