Camouflage Vinyl Wrap

Camouflage Vinyl Wrap Services – Charlotte, NC

Whether you wish to stand out from the crowd or blend in with your surroundings, Pristine Wraps Co. has an abundance of creative camo wrap options available to you. Our selection of durable camouflage vinyl wraps prevents premature discoloration, deformation, and an outbreak of air bubbles, which ensures a smooth installation process. Additionally, the adhesive backing of our camo wraps is pressure-activated, which means we can reposition the film until stable pressure is applied. If you aren’t satisfied with the appearance of your vehicle’s wrap at first glance, not a problem, we will work with you to readjust the positioning of your design before installation begins. Call today to learn how you, too, can transform your vehicle’s appearance without paying paint prices!

Benefits of a Camouflage Vinyl Wrap

Quick and efficient installation

Added protection against rough environmental conditions

Limitless color combinations to choose from

Sustains your vehicle’s resale value

It’s a vehicle “modification” well-supported by insurance companies

Vinyl wraps are environmentally-friendly

Why choose Pristine Wraps Co.?

Our industry-leading camouflage vinyl wrap services include a quick turnaround, best-in-class film, remarkable customer service, and endless customization options, which all come at an affordable cost. Plus, our consumer-friendly warranty offerings guarantee a stress-free driving experience for the lifetime of your wrap. We never back down from a challenge, so show us what you got!


Camo Vinyl Wrap Frequently Asked Questions

Extremely well! From intense heat to dense blizzards, our top-notch camouflage vinyl survives it all. Our goal is to ensure all customers walk away fully confident in their vehicle’s ability to retain its eye-catching appearance when tested by any weather condition.
Sure. Do we recommend it? No. Vehicle vinyl will not hide rust. Also, over time, moisture gathers and rises; therefore, causing the color(s) of your wrap to fade at an alarming rate. We recommend repairing rusted surfaces before applying a high-quality primer.
Short answer, yes. Extensive exposure to intense UV rays can cause vinyl to fade at a faster rate. While some heat is essential for proper installation, too much exposure to any abnormal weather condition can bring about discoloration or tears in your vehicle’s vinyl wrap. Following the necessary precautions, our team of vinyl experts applies heat to sections of your vehicle that contain curves, indentions, or rounded corners. Controlled heat ensures vinyl material fully conforms to your vehicle. We do our best to guarantee a stress-free driving experience for the lifetime of each vinyl wrap we install, so you can expect a generous 3-year, in-house warranty to be included with the purchase of any vehicle wrap service. It is our way of keeping our customers safe and satisfied. Additionally, to ensure the longevity of your camouflage wrap, we recommend sheltering your vehicle when possible and applying a layer of protective wax over it.

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