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The Chevy Chevelle is an iconic muscle car that recently got immortalized and popularized in the Fast and the Furious series. Born during the golden age of American muscle automobiles, the Chevelle is still worshipped to this day.

If you are in possession of such a treasure, you’ll want to preserve its immaculate appearance. We’re with you on this goal! At Pristine Wraps, we have an immense appreciation for classic cars and we’re committed to offering premium services to clients from Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

A premium Chevy Chevelle wrap can be used to accomplish a lot – from the preservation of the icon’s original appearance to a visual upgrade. We can help you pick the right wrap and we’ll handle your precious Chevy carefully to deliver the most impressive facelift.

What Are Chevy Chevelle Wraps?

Car wraps are large sheets of vinyl that can be used for a visual transformation or to preserve the original exterior of your Chevrolet.

Depending on your needs and preferences, a vinyl wrap can be applied to cover the entire surface of the automobile or it can be partial. Wraps can be used to add color or texture to the car’s exterior. They’re also a lot more durable than a new paintjob. Well-applied vinyl wraps will remain in excellent condition for years without starting to chip or fade.

Types of Chevrolet Chevelle Car Wraps

Does your Chevy Chevelle need a makeover? Or maybe you’re a stickler for the classics who wants to preserve its appearance 100 percent authentic? Both goals can be accomplished through the selection of the right vinyl wrap. At Pristine Wraps, we offer all of the following options:

Chevy Chevelle paint protection film (PPF):

PPF is applied to protect the Chevy’s original paintjob. The vinyl film protects the paint from dust, dirt, gravel, and chips. It also shields it from environmental influences that can cause fading or damage.

Color and color flip wraps:

Changing the color of your Chevy Chevelle is easy with a colored vinyl wrap. If you’re looking for an even more striking effect, pick the color flip wrap. This one gives the car different hues when it’s observed from different angles. Sleek and smooth the color flip wrap adds visual interest to a muscle classic that already appears impressive.

Custom Chevy Chevelle wrap designs:

Do you have something very specific in mind for your Chevrolet? Pay us a visit in Charlotte and together, we’ll come up with a custom wrap to achieve a thorough exterior transformation.

Textured wraps:

Visual interest can also be created through the addition of an unusual texture to the automobile’s exterior. We have wraps that will give you a glossy, matte, satin, chrome, or metallic finish.

Why Choose a Pristine Wraps Product for Your Chevy Chevelle?

Wrapping a Chevrolet Chevelle will result in an array of important benefits:

The perfect facelift:

Vinyl wraps provide a quick and easy opportunity for a thorough exterior transformation.

Overcoming the limitations of a paintjob:

A paintjob can only do so much when it comes to a visual transformation. Choosing a custom Chevy Chevelle wrap allows you to unleash your inner artist and add some visually striking elements to the exterior of your beloved car.


Car wraps that are applied professionally will remain in impeccable condition for about a decade. Thus, choosing this type of exterior transformation produces one of the best price-to-quality ratios on the market.

Easy Maintenance:

Vinyl wraps don’t chip or tear. Since the material is non-porous, cleaning your Chevrolet and maintaining its beautiful exterior becomes an easy task.

A perfectly protected icon:

If you own a beautiful Chevy Chevelle, you want to protect its stellar exterior from adverse influences. Vinyl wraps reduce the likelihood of damage by shielding your car from the elements.

Pristine Wraps: Emphasis on Quality and Sophistication

Car wraps aren’t created equal and you should never make a quality compromise. The way a wrap is installed will also matter – bubbling and folds minimize the protective effect of the film, plus they’re not all that aesthetically pleasing.

The Pristine Wraps team will handle your Chevy Chevelle with care and attention to detail. We’ve been in business long enough and we follow strict procedures aimed at maximizing quality.

We use high-quality vinyl films manufactured by the best brands on the market. Additionally, you’ll benefit from comprehensive services – from an initial consultation to post-installation care.

Work With Pristine Wraps

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