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Ferraris symbolize luxury, fine taste, and of course, speed. Since 1923, Ferrari has constantly pushed the boundaries of engineering innovation to carve magnificent car models. Naturally, the owners of these divine Italian machines demand high levels of customization and only the best wrap options. They’re well aware of how vinyl technology is capable of protecting their car each time it hits the road.

Whether you want your Purosangue beautified, your SF90 Spider shielded, or the look of any other Ferrari model elevated – Pristine Wraps Co. is your partner in style and quality. With a variety of colors, styles, and vinyl brands at your disposal, you’ll just be a decision away to take your Ferrari up a notch with a quality car wrap.

What Is a Ferrari Car Wrap?

Ferrari wrapping is the process of expertly applying large vinyl films using advanced vinyl technology to cover a the care entirely or partially. Whether you desire to provide an additional layer of protection or enhance the aesthetics of your car, there are numerous reasons why Ferrari owners are drawn to the concept of a car wrapping.

Unlike a paint job, car wraps are more durable and affordable. The concept of vinyl car wraps also unlocks endless possibilities when it comes to elevating the “look” of the car. At Pristine Wraps Co., you’ll find a diverse menu of style options including chrome, matte, gloss, satin, color flip, and more.

A car wrap installation often involves three comprehensive processes – designing, printing or production, and installation. Once wrapped, it is typically recommended to not wash the car for 48 hours. This ensures the edges finish up their bonding process.

Types Of Ferrari Car Wraps

Some of our custom Ferrari wrap options include:

Clear Vinyl Ferrari Wrap:

Think lamination for your car, a clear vinyl wrap applies an added layer of protection to your Ferrari. With this wrap on, your car not only stays shielded against dents, debris, gravel, and more, but it also becomes endlessly easy to clean and maintain.

Unique and Customizable:

You don’t want your Lamborghini to look like any other sports car on the road. Fortunately, Pristine Wraps can help you create a one-of-a-kind design with a wide variety of colors and finishes to choose from. Why fit in when you can stand out?

Color Vinyl Ferrari Wrap:

Here, you can either go for a single opaque color option or take your Ferrari’s exterior to the next level by using our Color Flip option. The latter makes your vehicle’s color change at different lighting angles.

Textured Vinyl Ferrari Wrap:

Here, you have the option of adding a gloss or a matte finish to your Ferrari.

Why Is a Car Wrap So Beneficial for Your Ferrari?

Aside from infusing your Ferrari with dashing good looks, a premium car wrap offers the following benefits:

Shields Your Car Paint:

If you’re in love with the original color of your Ferrari, you can choose the clear car wrap option to protect it against elements of the road (gravel, debris, sun damage, rust, and dents).

Stunning Makeover:

From color flips to matt finishes and every gorgeous style in between – car wrap is the perfect way to add your personal touch to your Ferrari.

High Durability:

Unlike paint jobs, car wraps finishes don’t chip away or wear off gradually. A well-maintained car wrap will last you over half a decade!

Easy Maintenance:

Car wraps don’t demand intensive maintenance, unlike paint jobs. Since vinyl doesn’t have pores, it naturally wards off pollutants and microparticles.

High resale value:

Car wraps keep your car safe and sound. They retain the manufacturer’s pain in perfect condition. This can add a great deal of value to your car when it’s time to re-sell it.

Why Team Up with Pristine Wraps Co.?

The highest possible quality, extreme durability, quick turnaround times, countless style choices, and high affordability are a few of the many things Pristine Wraps Co. brings to your Ferrari’s exterior. The goal of car wrapping goes beyond just covering a car up in a new texture or color. It demands a high level of experience, attention to detail, the right certifications, and extensive training.

Our car wrap wizards have perfected the art of deploying vinyl technology for your car’s protection and upgrade. Whether you want a clear vinyl film, a complex color flip, or a highly customized design of your choice, we give it our all to ensure the final result exceeds your expectations. You can also choose from a variety of vinyl wraps such as 3M, Oracal, Avery, and other premium brands.

Work With Pristine Wraps

We don’t like to say goodbye once your Ferrari is all wrapped up. Instead, we stick around for the long term with our aftercare service to ensure your Ferrari remains protected and beautiful. Give us a call today and get a free quote on your car wrap.