Ford Mustang Wraps

Custom Ford Mustang Wraps Charlotte, NC

Your Ford Mustang isn’t just any luxury car. It’s an embodiment of style, power, and practicality. This iconic ride comes with evergreen popularity, an ultra-luxury feel, and top-notch performance.

If preserving the legacy of this stunning car is your number one priority, Pristine Wrap is here to offer you unparalleled car wrap services. Having serviced thousands of vehicles, we have emerged as leaders in the vinyl wrap industry. We protect and upgrade cars in Charlotte and surrounding areas, including (but not limited to) Fort Mill, Ballantyne, Rock Hill, Matthews, and more. Our comprehensive menu of vinyl wraps caters to most Mustang models including Fastback, Shelby GT350R, GT500, and Mach 1.

The Art of Wrapping a Mustang

A car wrap service involves covering your car’s exterior with large vinyl sheets. Now, a car wrap service has two important functions: keeping the exterior of your car protected and giving it a stunning new upgrade.

At Pristine Wraps, our durable vinyl wraps can keep your Mustang in “pristine” condition for up to a decade! Car wraps can either cover your car partially or entirely. Once you access our services, we unlock a comprehensive menu of colors, finishes, designs, and brands for you. From giving your Mustang a rugged matte feel to making it “shine bright like a diamond,” and everything in between – we wrap your car in perfection while paying attention to every detail. Our impeccable service quality exceeds expectations every single time.

Custom Wraps to Take Your Mustang Up a Notch

The four main types of Audi wraps include:

Paint Protection Film (PPF):

Once applied, a car wrap acts as a powerful shield for your car for years to come. Our PPF services involve applying a thick, transparent external layer of protection to your Mustang to protect its original paint from dust, debris, UV rays, and dirt. This car wrap doesn’t change the look of your car.

Color Mustang Wraps:

If you’re in the mood to swap the color of your Mustang with a hue you love, Pristine Wraps can give it a gorgeous new look. You can either pick a color from our menu or tell us exactly what color you prefer. Either way, your Mustang is guaranteed to look the way you envision it.

Color Flip Mustang Car Wrap:

Bored of a single color? Want to add a whole new dimension to your Mustang? Our color flip option has your back. When viewed from different angles, this wrap displays different colors!

Textured Mustang Car Wraps:

From silky satin to bold metallic – choose a texture of your choice and we’ll imprint it on your Mustang. Our menu also offers finishes like gloss, matte, and chrome.

Why Tap into the Power of Vinyl Wraps?

The goal of car wrapping goes beyond adding just a fancy touch. Check out the benefits of getting a quality vinyl wrap for your Mustang:

Added protection:

Call it a total or a partial makeover, a car wrap is the easiest possible way to elevate the look of your Audi. Car wrapping professionals go into extensive planning to ensure the vinyl wraps flawlessly around your Audi. Unlike paint jobs, car wraps offer endless options to customize the look of your car.

Stunning new looks:

Changing your Mustang’s personality has never been easier, thanks to quality vinyl wraps. At Pristine Wraps, our trained and experienced car-wrapping wizards can (quite literally!) wrap your Mustang up in perfection.

High Durability:

Unlike paint jobs, vinyl wraps don’t wear off, chip, or fade. Once installed, your Mustang wrap stays fully intact for years regardless of how often you use your car.

Easy to maintain:

A vinyl wrap is non-porous in nature. It simply doesn’t allow contaminants to seep through it and damage your car’s original paint. This also makes car wraps super easy to maintain.

High resale value:

Aside from keeping your car’s exterior fully protected, vinyl wraps are easy to remove and don’t damage your car’s original paint in the process. So, when the time comes to sell it, you can expect a higher resale value!

Your Mustang is In Good Hands with Pristine Wraps

At Pristine Wraps, we value quality service above everything else. When you schedule an appointment with us, we offer you a diverse menu of styles, colors, finishes, brands, and designs to choose from. We deeply understand your needs and service your Mustang as if it were our own.

Our base rate typically starts at $3000 but our menu is designed to accommodate most budgets. All our car wrapping professionals come with extensive training, licenses, and skillsets to perform their tasks with perfection. Some of the many brands we offer include Avery, 3M, Oracle, and more.

Aside from offering top-notch car wrapping services, we offer unparalleled after-care services as well. Our experienced team is always at your beck and call long after you exit our garage. Ready to breathe new life into your Mustang? Let’s talk!

Work With Pristine Wraps

Aside from offering top-notch car wrapping services, we offer unparalleled after-care services as well. Our experienced team is always at your beck and call long after you exit our garage. Ready to breathe new life into your Mustang? Let’s talk!