Jeep Wraps

Custom Jeep Wraps in Charlotte, NC

Pristine Wraps Co. continues to be a leader in providing innovative service and vision, with a dedicated focus on vehicles and clients. Our client base extends service in the Charlotte and surrounding areas, including (but not limited to) Concord, Gastonia, Matthews, Fort Mill, Rock Mill and more.

Our custom jeep wraps continue to drive the community forward, not only putting our clients in control of their car, but command presence on the road as well.

Charlotte is Wrangled in Wraps

Since the beginning of time, Jeep stands in a lane of its own. Two things are for certain: Jeep has always been proven to be reliable and durable since its inception – much like Pristine. On top of this, nothing says transformative and innovative better than the Jeep Wrangler and Grand Cherokee. Our clients who own these two powerhouse vehicles lead bold and daring lives and they come to Pristine to release their inner need for distinction.

Types Of Jeep Wraps We Offer

The four main types of Jeep wraps include:

Clear Vinyl:

Mainly adds a transparent layer of protection to shield your Jeep's paintwork.

Color Car Wrap:

Deploys a large vinyl film to change the color of your car. Here, you can also choose the color flip option that helps display different colors from different angles.

Custom Car Wrap:

Is when you get your customized patterns or designs wrapped around your car. Most people use this option for their commercial fleets for advertising purposes. However, if you can think of a design that reflects your personality, you can easily have it transferred to your car.

Textured Vinyl Wrap:

Such as gloss or matte, help breathe a new finish into your car’s paintwork. They could either be clear or come in opaque colors.

Why Should You Get a Jeep Wrap?

The goal of car wrapping goes beyond that adding a fancy touch to your car. Let’s look at the benefits a quality vinyl car brings:

Aesthetic Appeal:

Whether you opt for a complete transformation or a subtle upgrade, a car wrap presents the simplest method to enhance the appearance of your Jeep. Meticulous planning by car wrapping experts ensures that the vinyl adheres seamlessly. Unlike traditional paint applications, car wraps provide boundless opportunities for personalization, allowing you to tailor the look of your vehicle to your exact preferences.


Safeguard your awesome Jeep from dents, rust, debris, sun damage, and gravel. With proper care, car wrapping can preserve the beauty of your Jeep for more than seven years!

Finacial Savings:

Unlike costly paint jobs, car wrapping offers a budget-friendly alternative that won't break the bank. Save your hard-earned money while still achieving the customized look you desire for your vehicle.

Easy Maintenance:

A car wrap simplifies the cleaning and maintenance process for your vehicle, ensuring hassle-free upkeep. Simply hand wash your Jeep once a week to keep it looking pristine after the car wrap installation.

Quick Process:

Typically, achieving a beautifully wrapped car takes just 3 days. However, this timeframe may vary depending on your specific requirements and the model of your Jeep.

Elevate the Look of Your Jeep with Pristine Wraps

While we are best known for our Pristine wrap installations, we also provide commercial branding (i.e. apparel, merchandising, vehicular, etc.) and graphic and window tinting, bringing creative visions to life. Pristine consultants provide visual marketing solutions to assist company objectives to attract, engage and maintain their intended audience. With a keen eye for detail and design, Pristine is committed to providing key products and services by way of collaboration, consistency and measurable results.

Work With Pristine Wraps

We provide a range of pricing options tailored to suit your needs and budget. Our skilled and licensed car wrapping experts guarantee that your Jeep will boast a flawless and exquisite appearance. Our commitment doesn’t end when you leave our facility; we offer round-the-clock after-service care to ensure a smooth journey. Contact us today for a complimentary quote on your car wrap.