Lexus Wraps

Luxury Lexus Wraps in Charlotte, NC

Thinking about wrapping your new Lexus in custom vinyl? Pristine Wraps provides quality products and services for your Lexus. We work with Lexus owners across the Charlotte region and surrounding areas, including Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Matthews, and Ballantyne. Whether you want to upgrade the look of your Lexus IS 500, your Lexus LC 500, or Lexus RC F, Pristine Wraps can bring your custom vinyl wrap visions to life.

What is a Lexus Wrap?

If you’re looking to make your Lexus stand out in traffic, a custom vinyl vehicle wrap could be the solution. This cost-effective option is completely customizable, protects your paint job, and can even boost your brand. You can opt to do a partial vinyl wrap, custom window designs, or go all out with a full Lexus wrap for your IS 500, LC 500, or RC F.

Custom Lexus Wraps

Some of our custom vehicle wrap options for your Lexus include:

Color Flip Wrap:

The color flip vinyl wrap gives your Lexus a range of subtle hues. When viewed from different angles, this wrap shows off different colors.

Paint Protection Film (PPF):

This wrap is perfect for keeping your car’s original paint protected. PPF vinyl wrap keeps your Lexus shielded from dust, gravel, minor dents, and other pollutants.

Custom designs:

With our custom wraps, you can channel your inner creativity and extend your own personality to your car.

Textured Wrap:

These include matte, gloss, satin, chrome, and metallic textures.

What are the Benefits of a Lexus Wrap?

The benefits of a Lexus car wrap include:

Unique and Customizable:

Get a custom look to match your unique style. Start with deciding how much of your Lexus you want to wrap, from windows and partial wraps to a full wrap, including gas tanks and mirrors. Then, come up with an attention-grabbing design and consider a unique finish. At Pristine Wraps, your vinyl wrap can be matte, satin, textured, and even color changing. The result is a Lexus that turns heads and matches your vision.

Paint Protection:

Protect your Lexus in style with a custom vinyl wrap. If you just got your vehicle, you probably aren’t thinking about selling it anytime soon, but taking care of your paint job now could increase your resale value later. That’s because vinyl wraps are designed to weather dings and scratches better than paint. Once you’re ready to sell, we’ll simply remove the wrap without damaging the paint underneath.

Quick Installation:

We understand you have places to go. While a custom paint job can take weeks to prep, paint, and dry, you won’t even wait a week for your custom Lexus vinyl wrap. In most cases, the process to wrap a Lexus SI 500, LC 500, or RC F takes two to three days.

Easy Maintenance:

Your custom Lexus wrap will look great for years with little maintenance. Regular hand washing with a vinyl-safe cleanser is all you’ll need to do to maintain your custom vinyl design.

Cost Effective:

A Lexus wrap has all the benefits of a custom paint job but at a much lower price. When it’s time to sell, you won’t have to worry about paying to repaint your Lexus either. Simply bring your car back to Pristine to have the wrap removed and it will be ready to hit the market again.


Lexus Wrap FAQs

No, our vinyl wraps cannot be applied to unfinished surfaces.

As long as it is maintained with regular washing, you can expect your vinyl wrap to last between 5 to 7 years. After that, you can remove your vinyl wrap with no damage to your vehicle.

Our goal is to get your car back on the road quickly. We have an extensive inventory to complete repairs quickly, while still ensuring our pristine quality for your Lexus wrap.

Unlike custom paint jobs, which can keep your car off the road for weeks, our process is much faster. The time between concept and completion is around five days, and you can expect to be without a vehicle for around three days.

Custom Lexus Wraps with Pristine Wraps of Charlotte

Our professional team has serviced thousands of vehicles in the Charlotte area. At Pristine Wraps, we have experience working with luxury vehicles and the attention to detail that ensures your vision for your Lexus comes to life. Pristine also offers commercial design solutions, including fleet graphics, window tint, and signage. Our goal is to give you and your business a pristine image.

Work With Pristine Wraps

Take your Lexus to the next level with Pristine Wraps. We’ll work with you to create a unique design and use high-quality vinyl to turn your vision into a reality. Call us at 704-910-5833 to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced reps and start the process of customizing your Lexus today!