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Maserati Wraps Charlotte, NC

As a leader in offering unparalleled car wrapping services, Pristine Wraps Co. has serviced thousands of vehicles, with an emphasis on select Maserati models. We extend our services primarily to clients from Charlotte and surrounding areas, including Matthews, Ballantyne, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and more.

Whether you want to redefine your Maserati Grecale’s ride, breathe a new personality into your stunning Ghibli, or add a layer of protection to your GranTurismo– our comprehensive menu of vinyl wraps helps you give your car the upgrade it needs!

What Is a Maserati Car Wrap?

Car wrapping is the process of covering (and protecting) the exterior of your Maserati with large sheets of vinyl film. At Pristine Wraps Co., we offer high-end vinyl technology that can keep your Maserati protected for up to ten years.

Vinyl wraps can be applied either partially or fully. Your Maserati deserves a quality car wrap for two reasons: to keep your car protected and upgrade the way it looks. At Pristine Wraps Co., we offer a comprehensive menu of vinyl wraps including satin, matte, color flip, chrome, and gloss varieties. From design to installation – we ensure every step contributes to absolute perfection.

Custom Maserati Wraps

From simply protecting your Maserati with a Paint Protection Film (PPF) to changing its entire look – here are the types of vinyl wraps we offer:

Clear Vinyl Maserati Wrap:

If you want to get a vinyl wrap to protect your Maserati from dust, gravel, debris, and other road pollutants, a clear car wrap can add an extra layer of protection without changing the look of your Maserati.

Color Vinyl Maserati Wrap:

A color vinyl wrap helps you give your Maserati a whole new look. Our menu offers a range of hues that would match your car’s personality and interior.

Color Flip Vinyl Maserati Wrap:

Our color flip Maserati wrap adds a whole new dimension to your car’s exterior. This wrap displays different hues when viewed from different angles.

What Benefits Does a Car Wrap Bring for Your Maserati?

What benefits does a Maserati vinyl wrap bring to your car, you ask?

What Benefits Does a Car Wrap Bring for Your Maserati?

What benefits does a Maserati vinyl wrap bring to your car, you ask?

Additional Layer of Protection:

When your elegant Maserati hits the road, it becomes vulnerable to dust, debris, pollutants, gravel, and more. A non-porous vinyl car wrap shields your vehicle from every undesirable element of the road.

Upgraded Look:

From color flips to satin, matte, and gloss textures to intricate designs – Pristine Wraps Co. can bring your ideas and choices to life.


The reason car owners love vinyl wraps is because of their high durability. Unlike paint jobs, vinyl wraps don’t chip or fade away. When well taken care of, their life expectancy can even increase to 10 years.

Easy Maintenance:

Aside from protecting your car from the elements of the road, vinyl wraps are ultra-easy to clean and maintain due to their non-porous nature.

High Resale Value:

Car wraps keep the original color and finish of your Maserati in pristine condition. So, when the time comes to sell it, your resale value remains higher than cars that didn’t have a vinyl wrap.


Maserati Wrap FAQs

Car wrapping does not cause any damage to your Maserati’s original paint. On the contrary, it acts as a durable layer of protection and prevents your original paint from wearing off or aging.
Unlike paint jobs that can take weeks to complete, car wraps can be installed much faster. From concept to installation, our services will get your Maserati ready for the road in less than 5 days. Once your Maserati is wrapped, however, we recommend not washing it for at least 2 days to ensure the vinyl binds flawlessly.
A car wrap can easily last between five to seven years and even longer if maintained well. When it comes to taking care of your Maserati wrap, we recommend professional detailing or hand washing. We strongly suggest you avoid drive-through car washes. The machines used for these washes may damage the vinyl film and lower your wrap’s lifespan.

Give Your Maserati the Ultimate Upgrade with Pristine Wraps Co.

Having serviced thousands of vehicles, Pristine Wraps Co. has become a leader in car wrapping services across Charlotte and surrounding areas. High quality, extreme durability, endless style options, and extreme attention to detail are the hallmarks of our service.

Our base rate starts at $3,000. However, we offer a comprehensive menu that fits most budgets. All our licensed and experienced car wrapping professionals ensure your Maserati receives a “pristine” touch. We use premium brands such as Oracle, Avery, 3M, and more to ensure you get only the best.

Work With Pristine Wraps

With us, it’s not a goodbye once your Maserati is wrapped in perfection. Our experienced team is here to extend after-service care long after the initial introductory Pristine experience. If you’re ready to build your custom Maserati wrap, give us a call today!