Ram TRX Wraps

Ram TRX Wraps Charlotte, NC

Often called an “indestructible” pickup truck, the Ram TRX is a high-performance vehicle that’s especially great for off-road adventures and maintaining good control during adverse weather conditions.


Taking good care of your beloved truck means protecting it from the elements. At Pristine Wraps Co., we know how to do just that. The high-quality vinyl wraps we employ in our everyday operations are the perfect choice for protecting the exterior of your Ram TRX or changing its appearance altogether.

What is a Ram TRX Wrap?

Ram TRX wraps are vinyl sheets used to wrap a car. Depending on your goal, a vinyl wrap can be used to protect the exterior of a car, change its appearance, or both.

If you feel that your Ram TRX has a slightly plain appearance, a vinyl wrap will give you the perfect chance to upgrade. There are numerous varieties to choose from, including custom-made wraps that are the perfect reflection of your character and artistic vision.

Types Of Ram TRX Wraps We Offer

A few of the most prominent Ram TRX wrapping options include:

Color flip Ram TRX wraps:

The awesomeness of this vinyl wrap stems from the fact it produces a range of hues, depending on the angle from which the pickup truck is viewed. The color-shifting nature of the wrap makes the Ram TRX look sleek and sophisticated.

Colored wraps and custom designs:

It’s super easy to change the color of your car with this product. If you have something more intricate in mind, choose a custom design. We’ll work together on the conceptualization and creation of this artistic piece to completely transform your truck.

Paint protection wraps:

A clear vinyl wrap is a great tool you can use to maintain the paint job underneath in impeccable condition. High-quality vinyl wraps like the ones we use give you up to 10 years of full protection.

Textured wraps:

Changing the texture of your car’s exterior provides for a subtle yet immediately noticeable change. Choose one of the various textures we have available – matte, gloss, chrome, satin, or metallic.

Why Should You Get a Car Wrap for your Ram TRX?

Getting your Ram TRX truck wrapped gives you both visual and practical benefits worth exploring:

Stunning Upgrade:

You don’t need a new paint job to transform your loyal road buddy. Wraps give you an instant facelift, plus you have lots of visual options you’ll never get to explore by choosing a new coat of paint.

Paint Protection:

Vinyl wraps are completely non-porous. Dirt, grime, mud, and sand can’t get through the material. It also makes your truck chip and scratch-resistant. Certain types of vinyl film also have excellent weather protection properties, as well as a UV filter.

Monetary Savings:

Once you get your pickup truck wrapped, you can forget about it. The products we use at Pristine Wraps Co. ensure longevity of about 10 years before a replacement is needed.

Easy Maintenance:

A Ram TRX wrap doesn’t necessitate special care or maintenance. You can wash it to remove dirt from the surface. The film is non-porous, which means that pollutants can’t get trapped inside and damage its appearance.

Quick Process:

In most cases, 3 days are all it takes to get your car wrapped beautifully. This timeline, however, can vary based on your needs and the Audi model.

Elevate the Look of Your Ram TRX with Pristine Wraps

Our love for automobiles has made us an industry leader in the Charlotte region, and you can count on Pristine Wraps Co. for the best recommendation for your Ram TRX wrap. Together, we’ll choose the right products and ensure the application is perfect, setting us apart from the competition. We offer an unbeatable price-to-quality ratio, providing exceptional quality at some of the best rates. We use high-quality products from top brands like 3M, Oracle, and Avery, and our professionals are fully trained and licensed. Additionally, we provide ongoing assistance to answer your questions and make modifications if you decide to change your Ram TRX’s appearance again.

Work With Pristine Wraps

We offer a menu of pricing options to accommodate your requirements and budget. Our licensed car wrapping wizards ensure your Ram TRX looks are exquisite and flawless. Our service doesn’t come to a halt when your Ram TRX exits our garage. We offer round-the-clock after-service care to ensure you face no road bumps with your Ram TRX wrap. Give us a call today and get a free quote on your car wrap.