Range Rover Wraps

Range Rover Wraps Charlotte, NC

A Range Rover is a stunning symbol of luxury and power. Once this beast hits the road, it leaves behind heavy traces of grandeur and charisma. So, naturally, every owner wants to dress their Rovers up in something equally magnificent.

Dressing your vehicle up in a car wrap is the perfect way to highlight its exquisiteness. When it comes to shielding your car and highlighting its best features, the power of vinyl technology is no secret. Whether you want to give your Sport SE a timeless metallic look, smarten your Range Rover Velar with a silky and smooth satin finish, or shield your Land Rover Discovery from the elements of the road – Pristine Wraps Co. can give your car the makeover and protection it needs.

Let’s Talk About Range Rover Car Wraps!

The art of car wrapping involves covering a car’s exterior with large vinyl films. The vinyl technology deployed for this purpose is often durable enough to shield your car’s paint from gravel, sun damage, dents, and debris. Car wraps can be applied either fully or partially.

The most attractive feature of a car wrap involves the enhancement of your car’s exterior. These wraps elevate the “awesome-meter” of a Range Rover, whether it is an Evoque, Vogue, SVR, or Sport. You can transform the entire look of your Rover by letting the vinyl cover the entire surface, or you can let your creativity have fun by wrapping it partially. At Pristine Wraps Co., we offer a diverse range of colors and finishes including luxurious satin, rugged camo, classy metallics, and more to give your Range Rover the ultimate makeover it needs.

Types of Range Rover Wraps We Offer

Car wraps unlock a broad spectrum of style options to get your Rover road-ready. The four main types of car wraps include:

Color Vinyl Wrap:

Color is a great tool to reflect your personality. Whether you’re looking for a bold black finish or a classy silver one, Pristine Wrap Co. puts hues of all kinds at your disposal.

Color Flip Vinyl Wrap:

Imagine seeing varied colors each time you look at your Rover from different angles. This is exactly what our color flip option offers.

Clear Vinyl Wrap:

Your Rover must stay protected each time it hits the road. If you don’t like the idea of incorporating a new car exterior, you can always go for a clear vinyl wrap option to add a solid layer of protection. This helps keep road pollutants of all kinds at bay.

Textured Vinyl Wrap:

Who doesn’t love a gorgeously textured Rover? From matt finishes to gloss finishes and every exquisite texture in between – we can lend your car the softness or ruggedness it needs!

Why Get a Car Wrap for Your Range Rover?

The benefits of wrapping your Rover up in vinyl technology are endless. Some of the best ones include:

New Personality:

Who doesn’t love to upgrade the look of their Rover? By adding a new texture, color, or design, your car can acquire stunning looks. A car wrap is also the best way to align your personality with that of your car.

Extra Layer of Protection:

Vinyl wraps shield your Range Rover from debris, gravel, dents, and other pollutants. This ensures your original car paint remains unscathed regardless of the wear and tear your car faces.

Better Resale Value:

With your car’s original paint well-maintained thanks to vinyl wrap, you can confidently resell it at a higher value.

Convenient Maintenance:

Vinyl doesn’t come with pores. This means your car’s exterior won’t end up sucking in undesirable pollutants. Fewer pollutants equal easy maintenance.

Easy Removal:

The process of removing a vinyl wrap causes no harm to your Rover. It simply involves decal heating and vinyl peel-off. Paint jobs, on the other hand, can cause several damages to your car.

Upgrade Your Range Rover with Pristine Wraps

Car wrapping is a complex form of art that demands a high level of skill and absolute attention to detail. Because there are so many tricky spots to cover, DIYers often end up risking the appearance of their car. If you love the idea of investing in a Range Rover car wrap, it’s best to let the pros take over.

With Pristine Wraps, you won’t be able to tell the car wrap apart from your Rover! Why? Because we fit the wrap as if it were the “outer skin” of your car. With us, you only get the highest quality vinyl wrap that is both ultra-durable and doesn’t break the bank. We offer a variety of vinyl wraps including 3M, Oracal, Avery, and several major brands. We also provide a menu of pricing options to accommodate your budget needs.

Work With Pristine Wraps

Our service doesn’t end once your charming vehicle exits our workshop. We remain at your service round-the-clock to ensure you never face a problem with your car wrap. Ready to smarten your rover up? Call us now to get a free quote!