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Rivian Wraps Charlotte, NC

Rivian registered explosive growth over the course of 2023 and we can understand why. The R1T is the ultimate offroad truck, often called the king of the mountain. At the same time, it offers all the convenience and practical appeal of a high-quality electrical vehicle.

Taking good care of your Rivian is essential, especially if you’re frequently looking for off-road adventures. Adverse influences can tarnish the exterior of your beautiful truck but we’re here to offer a solution.

Rivian wraps deliver the most comprehensive protective effect while also giving you a chance to transform the Rivian’s exterior. At Pristine Wraps, we believe in the power of customization and we can execute nearly every exterior upgrade project that your imagination births.

How Do Rivian Wraps Work?

Bold lines, and a rugged exterior – the Rivian has a classic body that holds together so much innovation. Vinyl wraps can be used to protect the car’s beauty. These thin films wrap around the exterior, reducing the risk of environmental damage. A properly installed vinyl film will remain intact for a decade or even longer.

On top of being incredibly protective, Rivian wraps can also be used to change the appearance of your car. As one of the top Charlotte vehicle wrapping teams, we have worked with both standard and custom wraps to elevate the visual appeal of Rivians and accomplish stunning, cost-efficient transformations.

The Best Types of Rivian Car Wraps

What’s the best kind of wrap for your Rivian? To answer the question, you need to familiarize yourself with the options:

Paint protection film (PPF):

The PPF adds a protective layer on top of the Rivian’s original paint job. Professionally installed vinyl films will remain intact for10+ years, protecting the paint underneath from adverse environmental influences.

Color and color flip wraps:

Change the color of your Rivian effortlessly by choosing the right wrap for the purpose. Color flip wraps are also a lot of fun – they give the car slightly different shades, depending on the angle that the car is viewed from.

Custom Rivian wraps:

Do you have a complicated graphic in mind? Or maybe you’d like to feature several custom colors on the same vinyl film? We can accomplish the goal together by creating a custom vinyl wrap for your EV.

Textured wraps:

Visual interest can be created through the selection of unorthodox texture. Make your car’s exterior more sophisticated by choosing a matte, glossy, metallic, satin, or chrome finish.

5 Reasons to Wrap Your Rivian

A Rivian wrap is a durable, elegant product that will produce the following benefits:

Effortless customization:

With so many pre-made and custom options to choose from, you can easily transform the exterior of your Rivian in any way imaginable.

100 percent removable:

If you decide to, you can take the Rivian wrap off and the paintwork underneath will remain fully intact.


Vehicle wrapping is a lot more affordable than getting your Rivian repainted. The protective effect that the film has increases cost-efficiency and delivers an excellent return on investment.

Easy Maintenance:

There’s nothing special you have to do to maintain the beautiful appearance of a wrapped Rivian. Vinyl film is non-porous, which means that dirt and dust can’t get trapped inside the structure of the material.


Once a wrap is professionally installed, it will remain in pristine condition for over a decade. High-quality wraps are chip and scratch-resistant. They also protect the paint job from the damaging effect of UV rays.

Let the Rivian Wrap Specialists Make Your Automobile Even More Spectacular

We only work with the best vinyl wraps on the market. The brands we prioritize include 3M, Oracle, and Avery to ensure uncompromising perfection. Whether you’re looking for a partial or a full wrap, we’ll choose the best product and we’ll meticulously install the film to give you a seamless finish.

A Rivian wrap will give you an upgrade, protect your car, and preserve its value in the long run. If you live in the Charlotte area, pay us a visit or contact us today. You’ll benefit from a free consultation and together, we’ll pick the wrap that will help you meet all of your aesthetic and practical goals.

Work With Pristine Wraps

At Pristine Wraps, we appreciate beauty, clean lines, and rugged exteriors. A Rivian possess all that and then some more. We are committed to protecting and enhancing the beauty of such cars and we have the know-how to do it. Contact us today for a free quote on your wrap!