Rolls Royce Wraps

Rolls Royce Wraps Charlotte, NC

A Rolls Royce speaks for itself. It is elegant, sophisticated, and downright the most beautiful car that graces our roads with its presence.

Regardless of the type of service you select for an automobile as beautiful as a Rolls Royce, the importance of service quality cannot be stressed enough. There are those who love cars and then there are those who absolutely worship them. Pristine Wraps Co falls in the second category. When we take on the immense responsibility of wrapping your Rolls Royce, we place quality above everything else and leave no stone unturned to create a perfect end result. A few of the many Rolls Royce models we cater to include the Black Badge Ghost, Phantom Series II, and Cullinan.

Look no further than Pristine Wraps Co if you’re a Rolls Royce owner from Charlotte or surrounding areas looking for an unparalleled car wrap service.

Car Wraps for Your Rolls Royce: What Are They?

The process of car wrapping involves covering the exterior of your Rolls Royce with high-quality vinyl sheets. A vinyl wrap serves two main purposes: protecting the exterior of your Rolls Royce and breathing a new personality into it. Car wraps are either applied fully or partially. It also involves three areas of focus: color, style, and design. Once applied, a car wrap can protect the exterior of your Rolls Royce for up to 10 years!

Types of Rolls Royce Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wraps unlock an endless treasure of colors, styles, and designs to satiate your refined taste. Here are a few of the many types of Rolls Royce wraps we offer:

PPF or Paint Protection Film:

Many Rolls Royce owners like to keep their car’s original paint intact while keeping its exterior protected. This is just the purpose a PPF wrap serves. It covers your Rolls Royce in a thick, durable, and transparent layer to keep its original car paint protected for up to a decade!

Color Rolls Royce Wraps:

By making countless Pantone options available, we help you pick the perfect hue for your automobile. We also offer color flip car wraps that display unique hues when viewed from different angles.

Textured Rolls Royce Wraps:

We offer finishes such as gloss, matte, satin, metallic, chrome, and more to elevate the personality of your Rolls Royce.

Custom Rolls Royce Wraps:

Have a specific design for your Rolls Royce in mind? Pristine Wraps can help you bring that to life as well!

Why Get a Car Wrap for Your Rolls Royce

The benefits of getting a quality Rolls Royce wrap are endless. Some of them include:

High range of customization:

Regardless of the type of design you envision for your Rolls Royce, a car wrap has the potential to bring it to life.

High level of protection:

Once wrapped, the exterior of your Rolls Royce becomes immune to road pollutants like dust, debris, and gravel. A vinyl wrap can also protect your Rolls Royce’s original paint from UV rays.

Sophisticated finish:

A quality Rolls Royce wrap complements the sophistication of your automobile while adding an elegant personality to it.

Easy Maintenance:

A quality Rolls Royce wrap complements the sophistication of your automobile while adding an elegant personality to it.

Extreme durability:

Unlike paint jobs, a vinyl wrap rarely wears off over time. In fact, when maintained well, it can keep your car’s paint intact for up to 10 years!

Elevate the Look of Your Audi with Pristine Wraps

What has made Pristine Wraps a leader in the car wrap industry across Charlotte and surrounding areas, you ask? The answer: we have delivered the highest possible quality of service to our clients every single time. The vinyl technology Pristine Wraps deploys ensures the exact look you envision for your Rolls Royce while offering unrelenting protection.

We combine the magic of high-end brands including but not limited to Oracle, 3M, and Avery with the skill, expertise, and experience of our car wrap wizard to make your Rolls Royce look “pristine.” With us, it’s not a goodbye once your Rolls Royce is flawlessly wrapped. We’re at your disposal 24/7 with our aftercare services.

Work With Pristine Wraps

Our skilled team of certified car wrapping specialists guarantees impeccable and luxurious transformations for your Rolls Royce. Beyond the garage, our commitment extends with round-the-clock post-service support, ensuring a smooth journey ahead with your newly wrapped Rolls Royce. Reach out to us today for a complimentary quote and elevate your Rolls Royce’s presence on the road.