Stealth Paint Protection Film

Stealth PPF with Pristine Wraps – Charlotte, NC

It’s easy to keep your car’s flawless paint job if you never intend to drive it, but once you take your car on the road, it’s immediately exposed to the elements, from bugs and birds to rocks and rust. So how can you protect and maintain your car’s flawless finish? Consider Stealth paint protection film from Pristine Wraps.

The experts at Pristine Wraps have worked with thousands of clients across the Charlotte area, including Concord, Matthews, and Fort Mill. Our Stealth paint protection film will provide durable protection to your car’s paint while maintaining its modern look for years to come.

What is Stealth Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

Paint Protection Film, or PPF, creates a strong defensive layer between your car’s exterior and damage from the environment. The invisible film is made of a thick layer of urethane that becomes your car’s second skin, resisting scratches, dings, and damage from UV rays.

Unlike standard PPF, which comes in a glossy finish, Stealth paint protection film comes in your choice of satin or flat topcoat. It provides the barrier your car’s exterior needs to repel damage without sacrificing its unique style. Stealth paint protection film is ideal for vehicles with satin or matte paint jobs.

Type of Stealth PPF we Offer

Matte Stealth PPF:

This is the most common type of stealth PPF. It provides a non-reflective, matte finish that helps to maintain the original appearance of your vehicle while offering protection against scratches, chips, and other forms of damage.

Stealth Color Flip PPF:

Similar to color flip vinyl wraps, some PPFs offer a color-shifting effect that changes depending on the viewing angle and lighting conditions. These PPFs provide both protection and a dynamic, eye-catching appearance.

Satin Stealth PPF:

Satin stealth PPFs have a slightly smoother texture compared to matte finishes. They offer a subtle sheen while still maintaining a low-gloss appearance, providing a balance between matte and gloss finishes.

Textured Stealth PPF:

Some manufacturers offer stealth PPFs with textured finishes, such as carbon fiber or brushed metal textures. These PPFs not only provide protection but also add a unique visual element to your vehicle's exterior.

What are the benefits of Stealth Paint Protection Film?

The benefits of a stealth PPF vehicle wrap include:

Self-Healing Technology:

With Stealth paint protection film, you may temporarily see a scratch or scuff on your car’s exterior, but there’s no reason to worry. That’s because the urethane in the film actually heals itself! As the sun heats the film, it becomes malleable and will return to its original shape. Best of all, the scratch won’t affect the paint underneath.

Protection with a Modern Look:

Traditional PPF provides superb protection from scratches, dings, bugs, and more, but its glossy finish isn’t the right style for every vehicle. Stealth paint protection film offers the same protection, but with a satin or flat topcoat that won’t take away from your car’s unique satin finish.

Retain Resale Value:

You may not be thinking about selling your new car just yet, but when the time comes, you’ll want to be sure you get the biggest return on your investment. While many factors go into determining your car’s resale value, the look of the car could make or break a sale. With Stealth paint protection film, your car will look its best for potential buyers.

Easy Maintenance:

Not only will your Stealth paint protection film self-heal, it will also repel most dirt, dust, and grime. If you do notice something stuck to the exterior of your car, it can be easily removed with a soft rag or sponge.

It’s Cost Effective:

It’s understandable to want your car to maintain its flawless finish, but heading to the dealership for paint touch-ups and repairs could end up costing you a hefty price over time. Stealth paint protection film is a one-time investment that will protect your car for up to ten years!


Stealth PPF FAQs

Yes! Our installers have experience working with all makes and models of vehicles. We’ll create a custom template, then apply it directly to your car’s body and panels for superior protection from top to bottom.

Our Stealth PPF is durable and weather resistant. With the right care and maintenance, you can expect to protect your car for up to ten years!
Absolutely. The only difference is the topcoat finish. Standard PPF usually has a high-gloss finish, while Stealth comes in satin and flat topcoats for a more modern look.

Stealth Paint Protection Film with Pristine Wraps

We understand that your car is a reflection of you, and we want to help maintain its flawless finish for years to come. With Stealth paint protection film from Pristine Wraps, you’ll have the ultimate protection for your car’s exterior without having to sacrifice style. We also offer custom-designed vinyl wraps to give your vehicle a completely one-of-a-kind look.

Work With Pristine Wraps

At Pristine Wraps, we just specialize in luxury vehicle wraps that are customized to fit your needs and lifestyle. Our experienced team has catered to numerous luxury vehicles and sports cars in Charlotte. Our commitment is to surpass your expectations by utilizing top-notch materials and delivering exceptional customer service throughout the process.