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Tesla Wraps

Luxury Tesla Wraps in Charlotte, NC


Pristine Wraps Co. is a leader in providing quality care and vision, with a unique appreciation for vehicles and service. Our client base primarily services Charlotte and surrounding areas, including but not limited to Ballantyne, Matthews, Fort Mill, Rock Hill and more.

Though our mission is to provide Charlotte citizens with a better branding experience, it is through our custom vehicle services that drive the community forward.

Serving Charlotte with Custom Tesla Wraps

Put the key in innovation and redefine your ride with a custom vinyl vehicle wrap. This rising trend allows you to take a drive on the wild side, channeling your inner creative. From detailed designs to custom colors and finishes, vinyl wraps are a no-hassle add, protecting your paint and your wallet.

Vinyl Wrap Benefits

  • Vinyl wraps significantly scale lower in price, in comparison to a paint job by your local dealer, ultimately saving on additional services and unwarranted labor fees.
  • Protect what matters most – your car! Paint jobs are easily subject to faster wear and tear due to natural and human causes. Vinyl wraps ensure durability, creating challenges for scratches and fading to occur.
  • Flexibility and creativity are vinyl wraps greatest forces. Clients are encouraged to explore wraps in many forms – mirrors, decals, hoods, gas tanks, side view mirrors and more. Each vinyl is 100% removable, leaving no residue or damage. Should you choose to trade-in or resell, your vehicle will be model ready for its next owner.

Tesla Wrap Services

  • Pricing - With a base rate starting at $3,000, we offer a menu of pricing options tailored to fit your budget and needs.
  • Materials & Products - We pride ourselves on being a company that stands behind our products and materials. Our licensed and experienced team members are trained to add the pristine touch, ensuring quality and care at all times. Select from the following Tesla wrap finishes (Satin Matte Gloss, Color Flip, Chrome, Paint Protection Film (PPF), Stealth PPF & More
  • After Service Care - Service does not end once your Tesla leaves our garage. Our team is committed to providing exceptional, round-the-clock client care far beyond the initial introductory Pristine experience.

Why Work with Pristine Wraps?

Since its inception, Pristine has serviced thousands of vehicles, with special emphasis on select Tesla models. In addition to providing vehicular services, Pristine also provides commercial design solutions to several local Charlotte businesses as well. We are more than vinyl wraps, we also bring fleet graphics, paint protection, print and signage solutions, window tints and more. While many of our clients lean on us to guide their service needs, it is our attention to detail that that gives them the confidence that their vehicle is nothing less than Pristine.

Tesla Wrap FAQ

What is the process and turnaround time to install a vehicle wrap?

While most paint jobs could take weeks to complete, we guarantee you will sit behind the wheel of your redefined vehicle in no time. From concept to completion, our service time exceeds no more than 5 days.

How long does a wrap last? Is this a reoccurring installation?

A vehicle wrap lasts anywhere between five to seven years and can be removed at any time with no damage to the original paint body of the car.

Is there anything I should do to preserve the wrap on my Tesla?

We strongly recommend hand wash and/or professional detailing. We warn our clients to stay away from drive-through car washes as the machines could potentially damage the vinyl, ultimately reducing the lifespan of the vinyl.

I was recently involved in a wreck. What are my repair options as it relates to my custom wrap?

Our extensive inventory allows us to replace any vehicle with new or fixed parts. If we do not have carry a particular material or piece in house, we also outsource with our local Charlotte partners to ensure pristine quality, nursing your car back to its original state to ride.

Is it beneficial to use vehicle wraps as a marketing tool? What if I plan to change my company designs in the future?

Wrapped vehicles are an easy visual tool to market your business along the highways and throughout the Charlotte community. As we mentioned before, our vehicle wraps can be 100% removed at any time with no damage to your car. As your brand changes, so can your wrap.

Take Your Tesla to the Next Level with Pristine Wraps Co.

As a trusted agency partner across diverse industries, Pristine not only provides custom vehicle wrap installations. We also provide commercial branding (i.e. apparel, merchandising, vehicular, etc.) and graphic and window tinting, bringing creative visions to life. We specialize in brand partnerships, merging our design expertise to align with our client’s brand values and campaign objectives.

Pristine consultants provide visual marketing solutions to assist company objectives to attract, engage and maintain their intended audience. With a keen eye for detail and design, Pristine is committed to providing key products and services by way of collaboration, consistency and measurable results.

Visit us at 4801 Chastain Avenue, or give us a call at 704.910.5833 to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced reps to build your custom Tesla wrap today!

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